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The PASS Advantage

(Preferential Admission Selection Software)

Most Academic instituations have large student enrolement and struggle with their budget needs. Our PASS software help you model and optimise your schools course load and profitablitiy.

Our PASS Sofware can also be applied to smaller departments as with Queens Political Science department to providing Student/Course scheduling for the total Academic instituation.

Advantages using our PASS Software:
  • Gives all students a better change to get courses that they need.

  • People that camp out at the admismistration office and are first in line will no longer have a advantage.

  • Better able to present new course to your student body.

  • Academic Institions can discontinue costly courses that have low enrolement without any student disruption.

  • Academic Institions become more profitable as they can adjust a popular courses to a larger lecture theater and fill the course by simply increasing the class size.

  • Students will have a better chance of filling their required course schedule to help them graduate earlier.

  • Academic Institions can model their schools course structure by simply turning ON/OFF courses and increasing/decreasing class sizes.

  • Academic Institions can introduce new innovative courses without any student or instructor disruption.