Preferential Vote Counting - Results in Seconds

Defined Course Selection Runs

(Preferential Admission Selection Software)

The Student Course Definition Form allows you to define the students requests for courses. The student can also request a number of courses in each of 4 semester.

Data Values
Student number: - is the student number.
Student name: - is the student number.
Semester 1 to 4 - defines the students requirements for up to 4 semesters. Semester:
Non-Qualifying Student - If checked before the PASS run the student be excluded.
- If after, then you will have to run PASS for Non Qualifying students and the courses will be returned to the courses for this run.
Preferences 1 to 20 - Lets your students define up to 20 course selections for 4 semesters.
Notes: - Notes let you document what you have done.

(note that you can not edit or change these values)
Semester filled 1 to 4: - Shows your courses filled after the PASS run for the semesters.
1st Note: - is the PASS processing note.
2nd Note: - is the results of Check Preferences.

Student Course Selection Report