Preferential Vote Counting - Results in Seconds

Running a Election

I would like to assume that you know how to setup a election. If you do not, we would be happy to provide our consulting services to either completely run your election or provide you election training. We can also provide consulting phone support services on the day of your election (4 hour minimum at our service rate).

So lets start from when the ballot boxes enter the ballot counting room. It would be best to have the election results out in less than one and a half hours. Each data entry team should be able to enter 1000 ballots in this amount of time. If you have 2000 ballots you should have two data entry teams (i.e. one team for every 1000 ballots). A data entry team consists of a minimum of two people.

Recommended physical set up

We will provide training for the best layout for ballot tabulating and support for the Chief Election Officer.

Recommended equipment & supplies.
  • We provide all the computer equipment for the data entry teams and the Chief Election Officers reporting.

  • You will have to purchase 1 package of paper (500 sheets)

  • 3 to 4 long power cables